How many times have you heard

“Let me know if I can help you.”  - Then not get any help?

When somebody asks

“How are you?”  - Were they really interested?

Can you tell the difference? - Do you care?

Every day we all go through the motions.

We all want something. - Do we know what we want?

Sure we want things to make us feel good. But what makes us feel good?

How can we measure feeling good?

As we get older what makes us feel good?

When we start as babies our needs are basic, we want

milk, warmth, and clean nappies.

When we get older milk becomes food,

warmth develops into

emotional as well as environmental needs.

But what happens to the clean nappies?

Who gets rid of the dirty bits?

We have to grow and handle the mess we all leave behind us.

What would happen if the messy bits were in front of us every day?

If this was the case, would we clean up in front of us?

Or is this why we have people cleaning up behind us all the time?

For people who don’t clean up for themselves,

do they know what’s happening?

Do they care? - Are they too busy?

And if so, just what are they too busy doing?

For all those people who spend their life’s cleaning up behind others,

what else could they be doing?

This world of ours now has advanced more quickly than ever before, information is available instantly via the internet.

Taking a walk to the library just cannot give an answer as quick as pressing buttons.

Email sends messages instantly around the world,

letters still take days to arrive and cost more.

Sometimes even if you get a letter it’s been stuck in a letter box

the rain has soaked your letters,

it gets torn when you slide it through the letter box.

And that’s after you get rid of all the brochures and advertising flyers.

Cell phones keep us in touch instantly, not just with each other,

but the “sponsors” or advertisers they get in on the act.

But if there were no sponsors or advertisers, who would pay?

Do we really need to know what is happening with other people,


Is it important to know what is happening with us at all?

Would it be better if we knew ourselves,

before someone else tells us all about situations which do not have anything to do with us?

new-2-babyboomers BLOG

You will never have enough money

To buy all the stuff you don't need.

And you'll never have enough time

To do all the things

You don't really want to do.

"Better than you were yesterday, not as good as you will be tomorrow"

Half a year gone..... or coming?

Just saw the front page of what is called a "UK paper" front page had a story about a pigeon from a Gateshead owner was on a race from Guernsey was found in Alabama.

At least some writer has found a stupid story that at least lifted my spirit compared to most things and now we can wonder did it want to leave and escape from the things that test us all.

I also saw the New Zealand PM has been travelling around the world and there are some feelings about what is being done. We are not sure if the "new woke" life is what we have here.

Although the population is 5million "ish" 17% want to own it all. NZ was 2million "ish" in the 50s now increased around 40%

The UK population I was reading was around 40million "ish" when I was born in the 50s and now in the 2020s 68million "ish" well over 50%

Just looking at the actual numbers of increase3 million New Zealand 28 million UK

New Zealand is the sixth-largest island country in the world, with a land size of 268,710 km2 (103,750 sq mi).UK area 243,610 km²

Still seems a bit of space difference but we all attract tricker problems that we all have.

Just look at the waste of TV channels and internet with adverts to get people to buy stuff they never thought they needed "Debt-credit" with money they don't have.

I think that pigeon has the right idea that they all can do.



Just hope you are handling well

Keep on truckin''


Three: Hours ,Days, Months

It took three hours for the hospital to arrive.

I can work that bit out; the rest was a bit of a blank.

I just feel over and it took some time to get my arms and the feeling to legs.

I did get up, thats what you try to do.

My main thoughts were confusion. I just could not work things out.Yes, I figured out my name and who I thought I was.But there was a lot of "blank" bits.

So, all I can remember was it took a long time for that ambulance to leave the drive.I did find out that there was no room at the nearest Hospital, so they drove a bit further.

I was asked if I knew who I was. I do remember not to be "funny" with my humour answers, as I have been told not to say things that others take offence.

It took hours for the hospital to sort out the "patients". I always knew they get busy and the main problem is usually people who just create problems, not being quiet and doing what they are told.

I was kept in a very small room that had the space of the bed. I could hear conversation.

I was taken later that next morning and a group of people just all stood around asking really dim questions that I had to take time to think about what they were talking about.

After the best part of three days, I did work out I was in hospital. It was full of some patients but more other people. I am told that these were visitors, not for me but others.Some kind nice nurses, still not too sure who are qualified and who just "work" there.

It was then I noticed I just could not read. Loads of words on paper but they just meant nothing. Just lines.

After more days I was listening to doctors asking some "strange" questions. "Who are you?" I knew who I was I just needed a bit more time to work it all out.

After a few more checks on my head, I was scanned.

I was told to put some head phones on and try not to move too much as I was slide into a narrow space around my body. Especially my head.

After some more days this young man introduced himself. I now know he is a doctor.

So, he gave me a photo of my brain and told me a bit was damaged.

Who to Trust

My list of Christmas cards has really reduced.

Then I see the number of cards received has reduced.

Is there an answer to these? Which one reduced first, sending or receiving?

I have noticed the habit has changed over the years. I recall the time to write grew as the amount of the list had grown and checking the address was an exercise when some had moved, not only from their home but also from their list of people to communicate with, as time moved on.

If a saving could be made on the postage this was an idea when they meet. Now the delivery price seems to be more expensive than the actual card, even with the reduction of postage price, as per volume.

Now it seems as if this can be done electronically, email, and texting speeds it all up. The electronic list knows who you have communicated with over the years of electronic acceptance.

Is it really tedious?

Have some lost the feeling of contact?

Do they just feel well "I have done my update it is off my list of things to do.”?

Once we just wanted to "contact" friends and reflect upon our own shared memories.

The good times when we meet friends and "bonded" with feelings we touched and shared.

Who to trust?

Why wait before you feel touched?

How does a Kiwi know who it is?

How does it feel for the Kiwi to lay such a large egg that is painful and then leaves it to hatch by itself?

Is it because it knew is so big and painful?

Is this why it leaves the kiwi to hatch all by itself?

So how does a Kiwi know who it is?

How does it know what to do when nothing shows it anything?

How does it know it is a Kiwi?

After all how did it got here?

A Kiwi has to work out that it is a Kiwi, and then find another Kiwi, and between at least the two of them, they leave the kiwi's egg to find out for themselves.

I suppose if we knew there were things in our heads we would remember. It takes years for us to look after ourselves.

Now when some things in our heads are "missing" or "broken" we have a "feeling" that there are things to work in our head for our friends to help us and that takes years!

Keeping in Touch

So keeping means maintaining the actual owning of something.

So how do you know you have kept something, if you are not clear what it is you are keeping?

So in touch is having something you have feelings for something.

Keeping in touch is easy, "own your feelings"

Now you lose something that you are not sure what it is, but you know you had something and people tell you to "keep in touch"

Think about when one day you are not sure if you own your feelings, and it is hard to know that you can remember.

You think you understand when you keep up with those feelings, pictures show details, then emotions in your body responds.

How do you respond when you have a "gap" in understanding words you see, but with no understanding?

A lot of words are just used to "fill in" gaps by adverts to push the emotion towards "buying something" to fill your need.

Friends are what you need when you just want to keep in touch and own your feelings.

Knowing I did not know, I did not know

The number of people with similar "bits that are broken" is quite large and the people who know the same still don't really "know" what happened to themselves.

Some kind people see that somthing has happened and usually "feel" that some person they thought they "knew" is different.

Yet what happens to yourself when it happens?

Some thoughts just don't have all the bit's falling in the space that you know don't feel quite right and you just get "frustrated".

My first thoughts were that I knew things were not right, I just didn't know, other than there was "gaps" that had space with nothing and knowing I did not know, I did not know.

I was given questions that I did not know the answers, but I thought I should know.

There was a "gap" that I knew I thought I knew but there was space with empty gaps that used to join up things but now just "gaps'.

Yes I was "puzzled" when some kind people asked simple questions. "Who was I'.

I found out after a few days I looked at words but they had no meaning.

I knew they meant something but I did not understand what they meant.

I could walk and talk and understand what the questions were.

I just had "blanks" to know that somethings meant.

After weeks I worked with help to comprehend what written words meant.

I wrote what I could and tried to understand what the strange questions people asked meant.

Like others I took a bit longer than I used to to understandwhat the "sound" of words means compared to the written word.

Some people were born with just having a problem with spelling and writing that schools used to focus on.

So how do you handle spelling words that you thought you already knew but the words fail you, or something that is in the "gap" that has appeared.

Worn Out and Broken?

Just have to face it there are some parts that are just worn out and broken

Remembering names and words, everyone knows they forget things, but how do you know you once knew, but now it is a blank?

There is a difference.

Friends believe they help you by filling in the gaps.

How do they know it is the same thing you want to remember?

Even friends trust each other.

People change as they age and we forgive them for small items.

As long as it is not something really big.

When friends need to believe in their heads that something is missing and share the comments with others a share of raising the eyes, saying "I know".

But do they look in the eyes of the ones who have something worn out and broken and do they see themselves?

Some really clever and friendly people made a machine that and took a picture of people's heads and they recognise different parts of the brain and see what the damage is.

Then really patient people take time to help and use the bits they can and give you a chance to get on with things of life.

These are important, you now have a chance to help others so they can help each other.

Even if you did not know them, they thank you.

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