How to use your mind
to lose weight

At some point you consciously make the decision – “I need to lose weight”.

The next step is you find a book, diet, pill, shake or "program" that promises that you will lose the weight want. You read the book, take the pills, shake the shake or join a weight loss program.

After you "lose" some weight, for whatever reason, you decide the diet is over. Slowly but surely you begin to put the weight back on again. The “lost” pounds and inches return. Worse yet, you end up weighing more than you did before you started your diet.

If this has happened to you and you have FAILED at every weight loss program you have ever tried, there must be a reason. In order to understand the reason, we need to talk about the concept of........

One Brain – Two Minds

Although we all have one brain, we possess two minds or two phases of mind power. One is called the Conscious mind and the other is called the Subconscious mind.

The primary difference between the Conscious and Subconscious is one gives directions and the other follows orders.

Between your Conscious and Subconscious there is a division called the "Critical Factor". The function of the Critical Factor is very simple. It’s basically to keep things the same. Its primary intention is to make your life easier by rejecting or resisting information that doesn't match the blueprint you already have inside your Subconscious mind.

This can be tremendously useful when someone tries to persuade you to do something stupid like telling you that you can "Jump off a building and you’ll fly!" But, it’s also very harmful when it keeps you stuck with a belief or habit that is not desirable - such as being overweight.

Here’s how it works.....

Let’s say you make a Conscious decision to lose weight. You start your weight loss program or diet. However, because your Subconscious blueprint is not in agreement with your Conscious decision to lose weight, it sets up RESISTANCE. Whenever you have RESISTANCE or a counter-intention between you Conscious and Subconscious mind, your Subconscious will resist your Conscious mind’s instructions. In this case – to lose weight.

The ONLY way to get your Subconscious Mind to agree to release the weight permanently is you MUST bypass the Critical Factor of your Conscious Mind. This cannot be done through "willpower".

Understanding Your Subconscious

Emotional Resistance Factor

Your Subconscious mind ultimately dictates exactly what you weigh...down to the ounce!

The reason for this is your Subconscious is a place where emotions are stored. Emotions are the fuel that drives us. Your Subconscious is controlled by emotion, not logic. Logically or consciously you may want to get rid of the excess weight, but on an emotional level your Subconscious is programmed to keep you fat. And even if you “lose” the weight, you will gain it back.

Here is what you need to know.............

Over 95% of all weight problems are emotionally driven. What this means is your inability to control your weight has nothing to do with eating too much food, eating the wrong foods or not wanting to do any type exercise.

All of these are the effect, not the cause of your weight problem.

The Cause of Your Inability To Release That Excess Fat is Your SUBCONSCIOUS EMOTIONAL RESISTANCE FACTOR.

People are not fat because they overeat. They overeat because of something else, which is the basis of the Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution® - and it is the key to bringing you back to your ideal weight where you are slender and healthy and not carrying around any excess fat.

You may not be aware of it consciously, but at some emotional level you have made the association that food or being fat makes you feel safe, secure, loved, accepted, comfortable, protected, rewarded, or reduces stress and boredom.

In some way your current weight is emotionally driven. THE GOOD NEWS is if you remove the emotional "cause", the physical "effect" will be effortless weight release once and for all.

The difference between the Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution® and every other program is the Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution® focuses on eliminating the RESISTANCE between your Conscious and Subconscious counter-intentions.

Releasing the excess weight is effortless when you get your Subconscious to agree with your Conscious desires.

In order to do this you have to eliminate the dysfunctional beliefs and counter-intentions that are getting in your way. You need to understand what triggers your Subconscious emotional FAT SWITCH and how to turn it off - forever.

If you get this right, the rest is so easy you won’t believe it. Unless you remove the EMOTIONAL RESISTANCE between your Conscious and Subconscious, no matter how hard you try to get rid of those excess pounds or kilos, you will gain them all back.

Once the EMOTIONAL RESISTANCE FACTOR has been released, your Subconscious will turn off the FAT SWITCH - Forever! This is really exciting because.... once the FAT SWITCH is in the “Off” position............

...your Subconscious has no choice but to bring your body back to its ideal weight where you are naturally slender and healthy, because slender and healthy is your NATURAL state.

The Shocking Truth

It is not "Natural" To Be Fat

Now, please come closer, because this is important.

I know this may make you slightly uncomfortable, but your natural state is to have very little body fat – even as you grow older. How do we know this is true? Look back at the photographs of people from 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years ago and notice what you see. Are most of them fat? No! That’s because they were living naturally. Their Subconscious FAT SWITCH was turned off. Times have changed. Right now Americans are among the fattest people on earth. (And it is “spreading” all over the world!) Over 65% of the population is either overweight or obese. Our cars have gotten bigger. Airlines have to charge more for fuel because of the increased extra weight of passengers. Ambulance stretchers have to be made wider and reinforced. Even the average coffin is now being made larger to accommodate our overweight bodies when we die!

You need to have a good look at what you can do to

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